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Self-Publish Your Book!

merry pensSelf-Publish Your Book!
Manuscript through Marketing with Merry Brennan

6 Week Workshop- please check back for future dates

Ages 16 – Adults


It has never been as easy or exciting to publish your own electronic or print book, whether it’s destined for the best-seller list or your family reunion. Not even 10 years ago, self-publishing was a fringe – or costly – endeavor. Now, there are tens of thousands of home-grown titles. This workshop will give you an overview of a number of indie options, as well as general steps, resources and costs for preparing, publishing and publicizing your book.
Choose one or all of the following sessions.

1.  What’s Really Involved in Self-Publishing?

The popularity and convenience of self-publishing has also borne confusion and competition. This workshop is a general overview of the growing number of indie options, as well as general steps, resources and costs for preparing, publishing, and marketing your book. (These topics are covered in-depth in related workshops.)

2.  Make Your Manuscript Shine!

Feel the sizzle? It’s the pop in your prose, the drama in your dialogue, the sting in your surprise ending. Learn tried and true techniques to polish your manuscripts and take your writing to the next level. For beginners and seasoned scribes alike, you’ll find out how to improve the pull of your opening lines, elevate the impact of your endings and wow with the words in between.

3.  Create a Kick-ass Cover!

You know what they say about a picture’s worth… So you need to create or commission a great design. But a cover is more than just the graphic image: you also need to craft an intriguing blurb for the back and include other required details. This session will offer ideas, information, and resources for an inviting book cover that works for you and your readers.

4.  Prepare Your Manuscript for Publishing!

Even the best stories are tossed aside or deleted from a Kindle if the margins are screwy, the words run off the page or it just looks unprofessional. Learn the importance of proper formatting in both e-books and print books, including title pages, acknowledgments, chapter heads, footers, and page numbering. We’ll also cover how to get an ISBN number (needed for every book), and for print books we’ll look at choices you have with the size of your book (known as “trim”), typefaces, paper, photos/graphics and more.

5.  You’re Ready to Self-Publish!

Your manuscript is polished, your cover is amazing, you have your ISBN number and you’re ready to publish your book. Now what? This session will cover step-by-step instructions for e-books and print books using popular vendors like CreateSpace and KDP Publishing (Amazon) as examples. We’ll also talk about strategies for pricing your book.

6.  Marketing Your New Book!

After the thrill ebbs from seeing your baby on Amazon and sending copies to friends and family, you want to expand your market. Learn basic PR and marketing techniques that you can use before and after publishing to increase sales. We’ll cover the pros, cons, and how-to’s of media kits, author talks, professional networking, niche marketing, book signings, social media and more.

Please bring a paper & pen for taking notes to all sessions.

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BelmarArts Members $125 for all 6 OR $25 per session
Non BelmarArts Members $175 for all 6 OR $35 per session

Teens ages 16-19 can click here to apply for a scholarship for this course!

“This workshop was both inspiring and informative. Without it, I would not have published my book.”
Lauren Kehoe, author of The Numb

      “Merry is an excellent presenter, dynamic, fun and she knows her stuff!”

                                                                                                                Pat Heaney, author of Mean Sea Level


      “Every session was valuable…the workshop was beyond my expectations.”

                                                                                                                Louis Rodriguez, working on a memoir


merry brennanMerry BrennanMerry Brennans Book, Peace Pilgrim is an award-winning journalist, communications consultant, adjunct writing professor and author of the self-published biographical novel, Peace Pilgrim: walking her talk against hate.  She’s finishing a teen/’tween realistic fiction, Mystery Scars. The Jersey Shore resident is mom to three terrific children and an old lab, Scout, who breaks into the refrigerator when no one’s looking. Connect with her at, where she blogs about writing, changing and living our dreams. 




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