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November 23, 2013 – January 2, 2014

Laurie Adamkiewicz, Translucence (Photograph) $200
Laurie Adamkiewicz, Window of Time (Photograph) $100
Marilyn M. Baldi,  Royal Robes (Photograph)  $350
Marilyn M. Baldi,  Georgia On My Mind  (Photograph)  $375
Jacqui Bonquito,  Leaf & Ice Pattern  (Photograph)  $175
Jacqui Bonquito,  Between Rock & Ice (Photograph)  $175
Barbara Brennan,  Peekaboo  (Digital Color Photograph)  $220
Barbara Brennan,  Lady in Chains   (Digital Color Photograph)  $150
Carin Bruce,  Claude   (Photograph)  $100
Dana Cohoon,  Beautiful Swan  (Photograph on Canvas)  $100
Dana Cohoon,  Elderly Erhu Player  (Photograph on Canvas) $100
Ben DeMarco,  Rooster  (Photograph – abstract)  $1,200
Ben DeMarco,  Hybiscus  (Photograph – abstract)  $1,200
Andrew Dennis, Swan with Cygnets  (Signed Print of Oil)  $200
Andrew Dennis,  Moonlight Violin   $375
Harriet Ellner,  Tossing  (Watercolor Gouache)  $675
Harriet Ellner, Discovery  (Watercolor Gouache) $975
Jennifer Goerk Lyden,  Shadows on Madison  (Photograph) $300
Rebecca Harper, Still Water  (Oil) $500
Rebecca Harper,  Storm  (Oil)  $500
Barbara Hutchinson, Street Scene, Arles (Photograph) $175
Barbara Hutchinson, Boardwalk  (Photograph)  $175
Tom Lozinski, Jet Star  (Photograph on Metal)  $260
Tom Lozinski, Crash   (Photograph on Metal) $420
Lucijana Lucin,  Happy Lunch  (Photograph)  NFS
Lucijana Lucin, Cellphone Yogi  (Photograph)  NFS
Alexandra Martin, Turtle  (Sculpture)  $450
Dana McKay, Baa, Baa, White Sheep  (Photograph)  $75
Dana McKay, Roots  (Photograph) $125
Bill McKim, Gateway to the Sea (Photograph)   $300
Bill McKim,  Darkness on the Edge of Town  (Photograph)  $175
John Milanos, Jr.,  His Dog   (Oil)  NFS
Joan B. Myers,  Watercolor Sunset  (Photograph)  $300
Joan B. Myers,  Winter Sunset, Swirling Snow  (Photograph) $290
Joan Norman,  Beach Ball Babe  (Photograph)  $100
Jay Petersen,  Off Season  (Photograph) $200
Jay Petersen, Philadelphia – Center Stage (Photograph) $200
Jaclyn Seufert,  Generations  (Oil on Board)  $200
Sandy Taylor,  Siesta  (Oil Abstract)  $1,200
Sandy Taylor,  Intermezzo (Oil Abstract) $1,200
Geraldine Vergona,  Fruits of Our Labor  (Photograph) $200
Geraldine Vergona,  Cape May Reflection   (Photograph) $200
Joe Villa,  Sandy Hook Bridge  (Photograph)  $300
Joe Villa,  The Umbrella  (Photograph)  $200

Note:  Art pieces may be taken when purchased.