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Belmar and Our Neighbors Art Show & Sale Show Listing

Belmar and Our Neighbors PostcardBelmar and Our Neighbors Art Show
& Sale Show Listing

July 27 – August 23, 2013



Ribbon Winners:

Best Representation of  the Show Theme
Sandy Huston, The Inlet, oil

Funniest Depiction of a Fish
Lois Kiely, Ancient Fish Migration, acrylic

Best Use of Shells
Alexandra Martin, Hand-painted plaster cast of shell, sculpture

Best Inclusion of Sea Glass
Nicole Vincenti, Rolling in the Deep, mixed media

Most Interesting Integration of the Written Word
Carla Beuthe and Sandy Cook, A Day at the ‘Squan, poetryand photograph

Most Awesome Sunrise
Richard Rappleyea, Morning Surfing, photograph

Best Use of Humor
Bonnie Smith, Hitchhiker Surfboard, mixed media

Fine Art:

James Aberle,  Morning Wave   [Pottery]   $95

James Aberle,  Chase of the Butterflies  [Pottery]   $110

Cheryl Auditor,  No Trespassing [Photograph]   $50

R.  David Beales,  Shark River Rocks 1 [Kite Aerial Photograph]   $225

R. David Beales,  Shark River Rocks 2 [Kite Aerial Photograph] $225

Carla Beuthe,  A Day at the ‘Squan  [Poetry with  Photograph by Sandy Cook]   $150

Carla Beuthe,  Dive In  [Poetry with Photograph by Sandy Cook]   $150

Paul Bonelli,  The Floating World: Boardwalk Golf   [Hand-colored Woodcut]   $400

Barbara Brennan,  Sand Lion Guardians  [Color Digital Photograph]   $120

Carin Bruce,  Claude  [Photograph]   $150

Barbara Calvo,  Dunes  [Oil]   $375

Barbara Calvo,  Avon by the Sea  [Watercolor]   $400

Joseph Cardillo,  The Vigilant  [Oil]   $250

Joseph Cardillo,  Life Guard Boat Drill  [Oil]   $225

Dana Cohoon,  Life on the Shark River  [Photograph on Canvas]   $180

Dana Cohoon,  Historic Asbury Park Convention Hall at Daybreak  [Photograph]   $75

Matt Collins,  Pier at Dawn  [Photograph]   $50

Mary Del Negro,  A View From the Boardwalk  [Acrylic]   $200

Lise Garrison,  Ocean Waves   [Fiber]   $360  (The shadowbox frame is NOT included)

Jennifer Goerk Lyden,  Fish Playing Guitar  [Photograph]   $200

Sori Gottdenker,  Winter Light  [Photograph]   $350

Lisa Grob,  Belmar Fishing Pier  [Watercolor]   $800

Lisa Grob,  Asbury Park  [Watercolor]   $600

Nils Hasche-Vasquez,  Belmar Grub Station  [Acrylic]   $1,750

Beverly Hertler,  In The Sea  [Fiber]   $300

Beverly Hertler,  After Surge  [Fiber]   $250

Sandy Huston,  The Inlet  [Oil]   $525

Sandy Huston,  Tent City  [Oil]   $825

Patricia Hutchinson,  Breakfast at Sidoroff’s  [Giclee of Watercolor]   $250

Patricia Hutchinson,  16th and Ocean  [Giclee of Watercolor]   $210

Lois Kiely,  High Flying Fish  [Acrylic on Canvas]   $185

Lois Kiely,  Ancient Fish Migration  [Acrylic on Canvas]   $275

Rikki Latourette,  Locals Only  [Acrylic]   $300

K. Dorsey Lucas,  Snowy Sandy Hook  [Watercolor]   $75

K. Dorsey Lucas,  Snow Marsh Sandy Hook  [Watercolor]   $75

Jayney Mackta,  Ghost Houses of Belmar  [Digital Photograph]   $175

Jean Malizia,  Don’t Be Afraid  [Pastel]   $250

Alexandra Martin,  Basking  [Sculpture-driftwood and hand-painted hydrocal]  $550

Richard Mason,  Sunrise Shark River Inlet Breakwater  [Acrylic]  $160

Michael S. Miller,  Marina Reflections x 4 – Series #1  [Photographs - Aluminum Pigment Prints]   $385

Michael S. Miller,  Marina Reflections x 4-  Series #2  [Photographs - Aluminum Pigment Prints]   $385

Constance Milligan,  Sunrise in Asbury Park   [Photograph]   $125

Jeanine Nagrod,  Look Here  [Watercolor]   $200

Jeanine Nagrod,  Playing in the Sand  [Watercolor]   $200

Arthur Nelson,  Two Bass Off Belmar  [Watercolor]   $250

Ellen O’Dwyer,  Catty, Not Coy (Catfish  [Mixed Media on Canvas]   $250

Richard Rappleyea,  Sunrise Fishing  [Photograph]   $125

Richard Rappleyea,  Morning Surfing  [Photograph]   $125

Barbara Rivolta,  Beach Creatures  [Stoneware, Glass, Needle Felted Wool mounted on Board]   $350

Sandra Roberts,  See Stars  [Mixed Media]  $175

Sandra Roberts,  Seashell Song Bird  [Mixed Media]   $175

Richard Salls,  Casino Troubadour  [Photograph]   $125

Richard Salls,  Your Table is Ready -  Maitre d’ of Klein’s  [Photograph]   $175

Linda Sanfilippo,  Whiting Beach, Manasquan  [Watercolor]   $350

Kristopher Schoenleber,  July Sky  [Digital Photograph]  $125

Patricia Senkiw-Rudowsky,  A Summer Story  [Mixed Watercolor, India Ink, Pastel]   $1,450

Sue Sherrill,  Twin Lights  [Watercolor]   $450

Ani Slevin,  Fish  [Collage]   $250

Bonnie Smith,  Hitchhiker  [Mixed Media]   $300

Bonnie Smith,  Cape May Corner  [Watercolor]   $700

Allie Surdovel,  Sandpiper  [Digitial Color Collage on Paper]   $40

Sandy Taylor,  Crabs for Sale  [Acrylic]   $100

Sandy Taylor,  Belmar Beach  [Acrylic]   $500

Denise Van Dyke,  Rolling In  [Oil on Canvas]   $200

Denise Van Dyke,  Ari Surfing Bradley Beach  [Oil on Canvas]   $175

Nicole Vincenti,  Rolling in the Deep  [Acrylic on Wood & Sea Glass]   $250

Nicole Vincenti,  Swept Away  [Acrylic on Wood & Sea Glass]   $200

Marc Weber,  Sandy Strikes   [Photograph]   $300

Marc Weber,  Avon Pavillion: Rescued  [Photograph]   $300

Tamara Woronczuk,  If Wishes Were Fishes  [Mixed Media]   $150

Tamara Woronczuk,  Under the Sea  [Collage/Mixed Media]   $30

Finn Wright,  Sun Over Dune  [Photograph]   $75

Fine Craft Exhibitors:

James Aberle, Manasquan, NJ

Merry Brennan, Belmar, NJ

Lise Garrison, Tinton Falls, NJ

Beverly Hertler, Avon-By-the-Sea, NJ

Patricia Hutchinson, Belmar, NJ

K. Dorsey Lucas, Red Bank, NJ

Alexandra Martin, Belmar, NJ

Nancy McCarron-Lubisco, Ocean, NJ

Ellen O’Dwyer, Colts Neck, NJ

Barbara Rivolta, Forked River, NJ

Sandra Roberts, Middletown, NJ

Rebecca Szabo, Howell, NJ

Sandy Taylor, Belmar, NJ

Nicole Vincenti, Brick, NJ

Ruthe Ann Walsh, Jackson, NJ

Belmar and Our Neighbors is sponsored by:
Councilwoman Jennifer Nicolay and family
OceanFirst Foundation.

Belmar and Our Neighbors Show Committee:

Carla Beuthe

Sandy Cook

K. Dorsey Lucas

Sandy Taylor

James Aberle, Co-director

Dana Cohoon, Co-director

Graphic art by Rick Alvarado

Opening Reception Music by Dave Taylor