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Belmar Train Station Mural Design Challenge and Competition

Belmar Train Station Mural Design Challenge and Competition

Background of the Project

In October 2012, Belmar sustained severe damage from Hurricane Sandy. Loss of our boardwalk, businesses and homes caused devastating upheaval to our community. In the months following the storm, volunteers arrived from around the state and beyond to help repair and rebuild. Among these volunteers, well over 100 artists, under the direction of Belmar Arts Council, came out to paint the barriers limiting access to Ocean Avenue and other work areas, significantly boosting the morale of exhausted residents and workers.

In recognition of the success of the barrier murals, Belmar Arts Council has received funding to continue that effort by creating a mural on the NJ Transit Train Station between 8th and 10th Avenues. The Train Station Mural Project will engage professional and amateur artists and local adults and children, to create a public artwork that will inspire pride, optimism and a sense of community for residents and visitors in our continued recovery effort.

To carry out the project, the Belmar Arts Council will engage professional artists to work with community businesses, commercial building owners and local community members to create and implement a mural design at the Belmar Train Station that reflects the history, culture, spirit, diversity, natural beauty, or unique character of the people, places and things that represent Belmar. The BAC is currently soliciting designs for the mural.

The project will be administered by the Belmar Arts Council, which will coordinate with muralists, funders, administration and community members to implement the project.

Challenge: Design a mural for the Belmar Train Station, East Track (northbound) side.

Size: The station wall is approximately 8½’ x 90’ (See sketch, below). It is a textured wooden wall and has many interruptions in the form of doors and windows.

Station w Dimensions rev

Artists are urged to visit the site to see the surface firsthand.

Theme: The theme of the mural may be historical or contemporary, having relevance to the town of Belmar. Subject matter should celebrate the history, culture, natural environment, spirit, diversity, or unique character of the people, places and things that represent our town. Style can be realistic or abstract.

Design Considerations: Artists should take into consideration the scale at which their design will have to be reproduced and refrain from overly complex, detailed or “painterly” designs. No three-dimensional elements may be used in the design, except for the existing building features.

Selection: A selection committee comprised of professional artists, businesspeople, and members of local government will judge mural submissions based upon theme, concept and overall design. The winning design will be executed and painted by a muralist or mural team. The Mural Committee hopes that the chosen designer will participate in painting the mural. Please note that the winning design will become the exclusive property of Belmar Arts Council to be used for the mural and for publicity purposes. The winning artist agrees to relinquish all rights to the design. The committee reserves the right to modify or adapt the design as needed to facilitate implementation.

Tentative unveiling date is October 15, 2013. Upon completion of the finished work, a reception will take place to recognize the designer as well as the muralist/mural team.

Prize: $500

Submission Deadline: All entries must be received by 5 pm on Friday, August 16, 2013.

Submission Instructions:

You may submit your design on paper, canvas or board, or as a jpeg. You may work in a color medium of your choosing, keeping in mind that bold, flat and/or opaque areas are easier to reproduce than transparent washes.  There will be an exhibit and sale opportunity of the mural designs, so if you develop the design electronically, plan to print it out onto paper. The date and location of the show will be announced at a later date. The design should be to the proportions of the station wall, and should be done at no smaller scale than ¼” = 1’. Your page, canvas or artboard will need to be at least 24” wide.

Please fill out the entry form and submit with your design.

Size of the jpeg should be no larger than 3 MB.

If you wish to submit on paper, please bring your design to the Boatworks from 10 am to 5 pm, Wednesday through Saturday, or mail it to:

Belmar Arts Council Mural Design Challenge
608 River Road
Belmar, NJ 07719

Direct inquiries to pat@belmararts.org