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Accepted Entries for JAS10

BelmarArts thanks all of the 107 artists who entered a total of 177 pieces for this year’s show!
A statement from the juror: The work submitted for the Belmar Arts Council’s 10th Annual Juried Exhibition was diverse and interesting.  I was pleased to see such a wide variety of styles and subjects.  It is clear that narrative and use of the figure is still important to artists working in all media.  It was also heartening to see that when technology is used, it no longer takes over the creative process but is simply another tool in an artist’s arsenal.  I want to particularly commend those working in photography; it was great to see so many good entries, a category which is often filled with trite or overseen imagery. 

To all the artists who submitted work to the jury process, I offer my thanks and respect.  Continue working, continue looking at the art of others, continue honing your own technique and your unique vision.  Congratulations to you all.

Margaret M. O’Reilly, Juror,
Curator of Fine Art
New Jersey State Museum

 Accepted artwork:

Crawl My Way by Tim Aanensen

Red Oak by Susanna Anastasia

Metro Park Solarization by Cheryl Auditor

Sub Hoagie Grinder by Lisa Bagwell

Angkor Wat by Marilyn Baldi

Kanrin Maru by Marilyn Baldi

Lake Tak by Tara Barnett

Buzzing Around by Elaine Marie Biddulph

Tenpins the Old Fashioned Way by Paul Bonelli

Between the Black and White Spiders by Paul Bonelli

Solace by Barbara Brennan

Om by Merry Brennan

The Shadow Tells by Merry Brennan

Manasquan River by Jean Christopher

Cape May by Jean Christopher

Autumn Leaf in Black and White by Dana Cohoon

Welcome Aboard by Dana Cohoon

One Too Many by Vicky Culver

Draped in White by Alexandra Cummings

Calm After the Storm by Alexandra Cummings

Balance by Gary Dates

Monopoly by Gary Dates

Rulo Ryan by Matt Dunn

Morning Glory by Freya Gervasi

de la Mer by Buren Gilpin

Untitled by Carol Gleason

Lost Edges by Sori Gottdenker

Lost Edges II by Sori Gottdenker

Lotus Tree by Sheila Grabarsky

We All Bleed by Sheila Grabarsky

Library at Fonthill by Geri Gray

Moonlight On the Bogs by Geri Gray

Her Hat by Diane Greenberg

Hey No Splashing by Diane Greenberg

Dunes by Rhonda Griscti

End of Winter by Guido Guazzoni

Mangrove Thicket by Beverly Hertler

All Aflame by Lynne Hollingsworth

Thirsty Tiger by Barbara Hutchinson

Van Gogh’s Bridge by Barbara Hutchinson

Cupid by Pat Hutchinson

Purple Leopard by Pat Hutchinson

Hummingbird 2 by Deborah Kmetz

Cypress in Tuscany by Veronica Lake

Dune on the Cape by Veronica Lake

Threshold by Colleen Lineberry

Gypsy Girl by Leon Lundervold

Hats by Leon Lundervold

Lotus Flower by Sharon Maloney

Fragment by Alexandra Martin

Tom by Alexandra Martin

Foggy Jersey Heaven by Vince Matulewich

Table for Four by Vince Matulewich

Eastern Glow by Pat McCarthy

Floating Wonder by Julie McGowan

Incongruity by Bill McNamara

Mums by Ronald Miles

Half Dome by Michael S. Miller

Bison Project by Michael S. Miller

Never Before Seen by Tiffany Musser

In Harmony by Joan Myers

What Up Doc by Joan Myers

Looking for Treasure by Kathy Nolan

Magnus,Opus II by Ellen O’Dwyer

Misty Woods by Meggin O’Krepki

Trees by Meggin O’Krepki

Abandoned  by Lori Parsells

Blue Mussels by Margaret Patterson

Alexandria by Jay Peterson

Sycamores in Winter by Jay Peterson

Reflecting by Richard Rappleyea

Providence by Bill Ross

Tensile Tenacity by Richard Salls

Loves Evolution II by Christina Sanes

Low Overhead by Kristopher Schoenleber

Mountains, Lake, Fields by Frederick Steelman

Winter Stream by Ray Sternesky

Heading Home by Ken Stetz

Sunrise at Portland Head Light by Geraldine Vergona

A Memory by Joe Villa

Out of the Blue by Nicole Vincenti

Death of a Coaster by Corinna Zipp

Artists please refer here for delivery instructions. Awards will be announced at the opening reception on Saturday, March 8 from 5-7pm.