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W.U.F.-Wearable, Usable & Functional Exhibition and Sale

Upper WUFW.U.F.-Wearable, Usable & Functional Exhibition and Sale

This annual market-style exhibition features unique, original artisan creations that are wearable, usable and functional and perfect for gift giving!



Important Dates:
Online Entry: Wednesday, October 1 –  Wednesday, November 5
Please see the guidelines listed below. All entries must be entered and paid for online no later than 11:59pm Wednesday, November 5, 2014. No on site entries please.

Drop Off of Work: Saturday, November 8 10:00am-1:00pm
Exhibit and Sale Dates: Saturday, November 15 through Sunday, December 21

Pick-up of unsold work: Sunday, December 21 1:00-5:00pm or by appointment on Monday, December 22 or Tuesday, December 23

Location: BelmarArts @ the Boatworks 608 River Road in Belmar
Gallery Hours: Wednesday -Sunday 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Eligible Work:
Open to all artists who meet the criteria. Artwork must be Wearable, Usable or Functional by design.
All items must be hand created by you (not just assembled or purchased for resale).
All items must be unique, one of a kind, original artisan creations.
All items must be display ready. (No Exceptions).
We will accept small works that are unique, original and one of a kind such as: cards, postcards, ornaments, magnets, mugs, bowls and other gift items. Cards can be grouped as sets. Each set counts as one item. Please package them as a set using a ribbon or box. Provide a basket or box for display. A holiday tree will be available for ornaments or you may provide a stand.
Published works are welcomed. Each copy of a book counts as one item.
Wearable items such as gloves, hats, scarfs, etc. must be presented on a mannequin, display stand or basket.
Jewelry must be unique, original and one of a kind. It must be display ready on velvet/cloth stands or other appropriate display.
Please provide a photo of your display for all small items.
Wall hangings must be wired and ready to hang. (No Exceptions)
Maximum size for any artwork is 48” in any direction.
Any framed two-dimensional pieces over 36 inches normally displayed under glass must have Plexiglas.
25 lb maximum weight for work intended to hang on walls.
3-D artwork maximum weight is 60 lbs. and a pedestal must be provided for display.
We encourage artist to replace their sold items with another similar item at no addition fee.
All items must be presented in a professional manner. W.U.F. is a non-juried show but items may be denied entry if they do not meet above criteria. This determination will be made by the  as show committee. All entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. The number of pieces accepted will be based upon gallery space available.
All table top displays will have approximately a 2-3 sq. ft. display area assigned to each artist.
If you are unsure if your items would be considered for W.U.F – Exhibition and Sale, please send a digital image of your work to Beverly@belmararts.org.

Entry Fee: Non-refundable entry fee is payable online by credit card or PayPal at time of registration.
1-6 Items $25 BelmarArts Member/$45 Non-member
7-12 Items $35 BelmarArts Member/$55 Non-member

Digital Specifications and Submission:
Digital photos must be taken and submitted along with your online application. All artists must submit a digital image of their work to verify that the show theme and quality is being met only. Please group small works or together in one image. Photos of works in progress are acceptable. A digital submission of your display and/or case would be helpful and appreciated.
Please save the files as jpeg files. Each photo should be named in the following manner:
1_Last Name_First Name_Description of Image
2_Last Name_First Name_Description of Image
Submit up to 6 images.
These .jpeg files should be approximately 100 DPI and about 7 inches at longest dimension. Keep the file size at no larger than 1MB for each image. Large files or more than 6 photos may result in an error message. An auto-response message will be sent if your entry was received by the office. If you need assistance with your entry or do not receive confirmation, please contact Rebecca @ 732-749-3360 Wednesday-Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm or email Rebecca@belmararts.org. Please prepare your work for drop off on Saturday, November 8th unless we notify you that your work does not meet the criteria of the show committee.

Once we have received your on-line registration and payment you will receive an acceptance notice via email only with an identification number specific to you. An inventory sheet will also be emailed to you. Please see below for instructions on preparing your work for delivery. 2014 WUF inventory sheet

All items and displays must be delivered by 1:00pm on Saturday, November 8.
Late entries or items that are not display ready will not be accepted.
ALL items must be CLEARLY  and securely tagged with your ID number, an assigned letter for EACH individual item and selling price. Please use a plain tag or label and remove all other existing tags. Work may be signed/stamped but please do not include your name, address or phone number or use business cards as ID tags. Failure to adhere to this rule will result in items not being displayed. You are welcome to supply BelmarArts with business cards in a holder. We will make every effort to place your cards nearest your work. Please also label display items with your number.

All entries MUST be available for sale. Items sold are subject to 30% (for BelmarArts Members) or 40% (non-members) commission fee. Sales tax will be added to the price of work sold. Collection of payments and remittance of NJ Sales Tax will be handled by BelmarArts. All artists with sales commissions of $600 or more per calendar year are required to furnish their SS# or Tax ID# to BelmarArts. A 1099-MISC for taxable income will be issued by BelmarArts for annual sales commissions of $600 or higher. All artists will be notified via email regarding sales of their work during the show. Commissions are mailed or sent to your PayPal account after January 2, 2015.

Liability Disclaimer:
BelmarArts will make every effort to treat your artwork with care. However, artwork is submitted at the artist’s risk. BelmarArts will not be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged work. Artists are responsible for insuring their work from delivery to pick-up.

Media/Press Release:
BelmarArts reserves the right to use digital images of accepted and exhibited entries for the sole purpose of media and website PR and advertising. Digital images will be those photographs submitted for entry or taken by BelmarArts staff and press photographers.