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W.U.F.-Wearable, Usable & Functional Exhibition and Sale

Upper WUFThis annual market-style exhibition features unique, original artisan creations from 35 local artists that are wearable, usable and functional and perfect for gift giving! Free gift wrap available.
Sale Dates: Wednesday, November 12-Sunday, December 21
Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Sunday 1-5pm




The following artists have their works for sale:

1 Nancy Larson & Jean Shoulter- jewelry/ornaments/paper mache art
2 Alexandra Martin -ceramics
3 Paul Zigo-The Longest Walk book
4 Honey Molinelli- paper art cards
5 Ruthe Ann Walsh- sea glass jewelry
6 Anne Marie Stengel- beaded jewelry
7 Julie Harms – glass pendants and home decor
8 Carol Gleason-ceramics
9 Marianna Hendricks-cards/home décor
10 Sandy Taylor-home décor/aprons/pottery
11 Patricia Gordon-beaded jewelry
12 Beverly Hertler-beaded jewelry
13 Bev Sirianni-woodcrafts
14 Janis Keown-Blackburn- Teddy’s Airplane, a children’s book
15 Carole Gernett-home decor
*16 Rebecca Szabo-bags/fabric gifts
17 Nicole Vincenti-sea glass jewelry
18 Maureen & Sean Ennis-LegoArt decor
*19 Dana Cohoon-cards/ornaments
20 Juanita Martin-jewelry
21 Paul Bonelli-woodcut printed cards/bookplates
22 Catherine Trapani-jewelry
23 Angeliki Morfogen- pottery masks and rain sticks
24 Ali Bowie-pottery/woven accessories
25 Patricia Hutchinson-ceramics/cards
26 Just As I Am- beaded jewelry
*27 Deborah Stanley-bags/fiber crafts
28 Lise Hill-fiber accessories
29 Katherine Smith-duct tape and knitted accessories
30 Laurie Distasio-sea glass rings
31 Irene Maran- watch part pins
32 Yvonne Yaar- glass art jewelry
*33 Michael S. Miller- Asbury Park posters
*34 Rhiannon Szabo-corn relaxation bags
35 Ellen Ricci-silk painted scarves

*artists donating all or a portion of their sales to BelmarArts

2014 WUF inventory sheet

Pick-up of unsold work: Sunday, December 21 1:00-5:00pm or by appointment on Monday, December 22 or Tuesday, December 23

All entries MUST be available for sale. Items sold are subject to 30% (for BelmarArts Members) or 40% (non-members) commission fee. Sales tax will be added to the price of work sold. Collection of payments and remittance of NJ Sales Tax will be handled by BelmarArts. All artists with sales commissions of $600 or more per calendar year are required to furnish their SS# or Tax ID# to BelmarArts. A 1099-MISC for taxable income will be issued by BelmarArts for annual sales commissions of $600 or higher. All artists will be notified via email regarding sales of their work during the show. Commissions are mailed or sent to your PayPal account after January 2, 2015.

Liability Disclaimer:
BelmarArts will make every effort to treat your artwork with care. However, artwork is submitted at the artist’s risk. BelmarArts will not be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged work. Artists are responsible for insuring their work from delivery to pick-up.

Media/Press Release:
BelmarArts reserves the right to use digital images of accepted and exhibited entries for the sole purpose of media and website PR and advertising. Digital images will be those photographs submitted for entry or taken by BelmarArts staff and press photographers.


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